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Loomni is a smart marketing service, combining top global talent with our transparent collaboration platform.

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Our extraordinary network of experts work together to create amazing tailored marketing plans.

We only hire from respected institutions
Our marketers come from top schools and have worked at leading marketing companies. We have screened and vetted all experts in our network.
Loomni marketers are renowned globally.
Our marketers are masters at what they do, and have proven over and over again the high quality of their work. We make sure that Loomni standards are met.
We select only the best talent.
We're obsessed about hiring only the best and top percent of talent. Our rigorous screening process ensures you're among the best marketers in the world.


Loomni leverages elite talent with our in-house platform to make marketing more reliable and efficient.
Best Talent
Loomni’s network consists of top marketers and designers who have launched products with millions of users.
Better Quality
The best people build the best products. We have a network of talented people who work harder and smarter to make your product great.
Smart Platform
Our platform powers everything we do - from quoting you a fixed price, to finding you the right team, to delivering the product quickly.
Start Immediatly
Using our smart platform, we're able to start projects within hours, not days or weeks.
Guaranteed Work
During the course of a project, our team will gladly make necessary revisions to ensure that you’re going to market with the best product possible
Hassle - Free
Your growth manager will design your strategy and manage all your marketing team and make sure your projects run smoothly.
Why Loomni
Check your options.
There are thousands of marketing agencies, freelancing and employment options out there. We founded Loomni to provide a new option - high quality at fair prices.
Criteria Loomni Employment Agencies
Start Project 0-3 days 1-4 Months 1-3 Months
Recruiting Fee $0 $10-40K $0
Guaranteed Quality
Failure Rate Very Low Low Very High
Termination Costs None Very High Medium
Overhead None High Very High

Who are we anyway?

We are above all, a team. Dedicated to help you create what you love, expand what you believe in and spend your time productively. We not only want to create an intuitive business, but a lifestyle out of Loomni. We believe that any business, employer or individual can benefit from Loomni, they just have to test all of its capabilities.

Here, at Loomni HQ, we are currently looking for people with the same philosophy. We saw the need to help others grow, and realized that none of the existing options focused on the big picture or on the needs of businesses like yours. How do you manage all those freelancers, overseas employees, part-time one-time workers? How do you get your customers trust, and why would you trust them? With the models of employment changing, we thought we needed a new idea, not only to manage projects, but to manage individuals, whether that individual is you, your team or someone lost in the middle of nowhere.

To do all of this, while maintaining the highest quality possible, finding the greatest talent out there, is our challenge every day, and every day we love it.

Welcome, we’re glad you got to know us. If you like our work, don’t hesitate to share! And if not, share it too, it really won’t hurt anybody…


Our unique optimized platform provides higher quality, lower costs, and a better experience.

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How do you manage to keep prices low while quality is still amazing?
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Have the freedom of working from anywhere, while getting paid for your quality work. We are looking for the greatest marketers, designers and marketing managers.

Make extra money
You've worked hard to craft your skills. Why not make extra income by helping others with your expertise?
Work from anywhere
No offices. No useless meetings. No mandatory hours. Work from anywhere around the world. Long live the wifi.
We protect you
No need to send customers invoices and chase them for payments. We'll always protect you and handle your payments.
Learn from other experts
Collaborate with other world-leading growth experts on the same projects and learn new skills from them.
Expand your network
Expand your professional network globally by connecting with experts from all around the world.
Stay ahead of others
Keep learning new skills and stay up to date with latest growth hacks and tactics to advance your career.
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